Why adgo.tv ?

Adgo.tv was founded by a group of publishers who saw that there were too many things that didn’t make sense when it came to monetizing our own websites. Instead of just complaining about how unfair it was, we decided that we would do something about it. That’s how adgo.tv was born. Like every other fantastic idea, it was born out of necessity.

We encouraged our developer friends to get into a small and smelly dungeon-like room for weeks, nay years on end, and came up with…nope, that’s not it. The truth is a bunch of us were gathered in front of the TV watching the Super Bowl and we started complaining about how much advertisers spend on a short 20 second spot and all we get is the dust off a breadcrumb compared to the big TV networks. With the help of our developer friends, we ended up with adgo.tv. We worked tirelessly to strike up agreements with large advertising moguls, such as Google, Amazon, and DoubleClick, and showed them that our solution delivers on our promise to optimize the publisher’s site and the delivery of ads that are entrusted to adgo.tv.

We bridge the gap between advertisers and publishers. Advertisers want as much traffic flow as possible on a clean and reliable site, and publishers want to keep their site as fast as possible to keep their viewers happy. With that in mind, publishers should be compensated fairly for building and maintaining their site…because let’s face it, it takes a lot of work to keep your site the way it is, so why not get something out of it.

The simple truth is, it’s all about the money. We want to marry up quality advertisers with quality sites and in return pay YOU handsomely. We figured quality deserves the bigger share of the pie. While others might persuade you with a lot of double talk which equals to over promising and under performance, we figured our checkbooks should do the talking. No, you won’t become an instant millionaire by doing this; but it will augment a great source of income for you. You’ve done all the work already by building a great site. Let us show you how we can generate additional revenue for you and pay you more than our competitors would.